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About us

Mikael Magnusson

Mikael Magnusson

I’m a quality & process person.

My primary interests are connecting systems, changing and speeding up processes, ensuring quality, and making everything easier for all parties, consultants, and clients.

Without processes, you’ll continuously be winging it


I started my carrier at KPMG in 2010 and have worked at other major Swedish auditing and accounting firms.

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Christina Becher

Christina Becher

I’m a client pleaser and thrive on delivering great customer service. When in doubt, I am one phone call or one ticket away.

After many years in the industry, we saw that it was possible to handle customers and consultants differently and better. My goal is that you will feel a difference in support and quality.

My background is in retail management. I started my consulting career at Ernst & Young in 2017 and later at KPMG and Azets.

Link to Christina Becher Linkedin

6 things we focus on 1. Fast response To clients and their needs. But also to the market and all the new technical opportunities that can change how we work and how it will affect the future of customer service. We have to be able to move fast. 2. Accessibility Through our ticketing system, we bring the client closer to us, and we believe we are close to reaching our goal. 3. Quality We must continuously deliver good quality. That is what our customers expect and pay for. 4. Friendliness A human touch. More than just business. Making a positive difference in the lives of our customers. 5. Exceed expectations Promise less and deliver more. 6. Life-work balance We have serious tasks to accomplish, but we should also be able to have fun. Instead of work-life balance, we want to embrace life-work balance. Satisfied consultants equal happy customers.

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