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Contact us
We would love to have a quick first meeting to talk about :
You and your company:
  • ... what service are you looking for?

  • ... when do you need our help?

  • ... expansion in Sweden?

  • ... employment/payroll?

And then we would like to present:
  • ... answers to general questions

  • ... our pricing model

  • ... our services & solutions

  • ... expansion in Sweden

There are two methods for scheduling a meeting with us:
either by checking our calendar and booking directly in Calendly or submitting the inquiry below with suggested dates.

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For an unconditional meeting
Quickly book a meeting with the simple
nline Scheduling software from Calendly.


Fill in the inquiry

We could be better prepared if you gave us this opportunity. Fill out the inquiry so we can be efficient.

Additional information before the meeting

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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