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Legal Entity

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If you want to employ in Sweden, you need to establish a legal entity. It can be a subsidiary of the parent company in your country or a branch, but it must be registered in Sweden as a legal entity.


It takes 6-8 weeks before the Swedish Tax Office has handled your application and can have your company ready as an employer in Sweden and liable for paying tax and social security fees. You will also have to register at The Swedish Companies Registration Office. 


Does it sound complicated? It is not that bad, but we will happily take that burden off your shoulders. 


We have in-active and ready-to-go companies that can be activated and transferred to you within a week. We can get your organization number in a day if necessary.

A business establishing a branch in Sweden has tax consequences for the company.
A foreign enterprise may be considered to have a permanent establishment in Sweden if a legal person in Sweden meets all the following conditions:

  • It is acting on behalf of the enterprise.

  • It has the authority to enter into contracts in Sweden on behalf of the enterprise.

  • It habitually uses that authority.

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To register a company in Sweden, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Check the desired company name with the Swedish Companies Registration Office to ensure it is unique and available.

  2. Open a bank account and deposit the minimum capital required.

  3. Draft the articles of association and submit them to the Swedish Companies Registration Office for incorporation.

  4. Register with the Swedish Tax Agency within two months of incorporation and apply for necessary permits depending on the business field.

For a limited liability company, it is important to apply for F-tax and VAT registration, as well as registration as an employer if needed. Other business forms, such as sole traders, require specific steps such as registering for F-tax to indicate engagement in renumerated activities as an entrepreneur.

It usually takes two to six weeks to register a new company.
If the company applies only to become an employer in Sweden through the Swedish Tax Office (and not the Swedish Companies Registration Office), the application may take up to 15 weeks to be processed. However, in the meantime we can still start payroll and make sure that the employees get their salary.

If you need assistance with opening a company or becoming an employer in Sweden, Payanza can help you.

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