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Outsourcing your payroll

At Payanza, we provide comprehensive payroll services in Sweden, as well as legal entity, employment, reporting, bookkeeping, and tax services to help your business run smoothly. Our dedicated team of experts brings years of experience in the payroll industry and is committed to providing you with the best solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We understand the complexities of payroll, taxes, and employment-related regulations in Sweden and strive to make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Let us take the stress out of managing your payroll in Sweden so you can focus on growing your business.

Payroll in Sweden
Payroll administration

You will receive a review and setup of your
company's payroll function: ensuring the
calculations are made accurately, the data is handled in accordance with laws and regulations and your Company routines, and that collective agreement is followed.


With access to your tax account, we can
report to the Swedish Tax Agency on

behalf of your company. 

Other reports too, for example, authorities and pensions institute when desired.

Reporting, Payroll in Sweden
Digital solution

Stay-in-touch-Portal is adapted for

your needs and for our services.

With a good overview and structure, our portal is easy to navigate, sharing documents with drag n drop, without complex and unnecessary features.

Digital solutions for Payroll in Sweden
Employee systems

Customized, simple & user friendly.

Time reporting, Expenses & Payslips in the

same application environment.  The tools we provide for the employee allow them to minimize administration and focus on what they do best

Employee systems for Payroll in Sweden
HR & Tax

We can answer most of your questions but
sometimes when the expert level is needed
we will make sure you get the best support and advice from our collaborators instead.

HR & Tax
Always qualified advice

We offer sound advice on all payroll
activities and provide clients with continual
support to streamline and develop their payroll routines. We stand behind you with extensive experience and expertise when you face challenging decisions.

Qualified advice
GDPR Compliant

The European guidelines for handling

personal information are our standard.

As we work in a more and more networking environment it is important to handle your employees personal data with secrecy. 

GDPR Compliant

Letting the employees have their payslips
within a service already familiar.
Payslips will always follow the employees,

as long as they have a Kivra account. Even if they change jobs.

Payslips solution
Step 1
Together we'll determine what systems will be most beneficial for you and your employees.

Timereporting - we set up schedules, deviation reporting, and approval flow.

Expense - categories, allowances, and fuel compensations
are customized.
Step 1 in Payroll in Sweden


Step 2
Kick-off & support

The invitation goes out to all users and we ensure that they can log in and that everything works as planned.

We offer both support and education in the systems when needed.

Step 2 in Payroll in Sweden
Step 3

We automate the flow and ensure that it syncs with the payroll process.

With online payroll software we can handle remote payroll processing quickly and effectively.
Step 3 in Payroll in Sweden

Payroll process

Checking boxes
Pre payroll
  • Your payroll input including commission, bonuses, salary review, expenses & all deviations is received
  • Onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • Employees close the Time & Expense report
  • Approved by you
  • Transferred to the
    payroll system 
Pre payroll
  • Manual payroll input handled.
  • Syncing system input
  • Preliminary payslips sent to the client for approval
  • The client approves/rejects
  • Payroll closed
  • Bank file uploaded
  • Client approves payment
Post Payroll
  • Report package sent in Portal to the client. 
  • Accounting access to bookkeeping file
  • Payslips uploaded to employees.
  • Reporting to Tax Office and other institutes.
  • Auditor access
    to yearly reports
Post payroll
What are you waiting for?
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