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Facts about Sweden

Payroll in Sweden

Payroll cycle

Once a month


Employer tax

Normally 31,42%

Country domain

Country domain


Time zone

Pay date


Tax filing


Time zone

Oct-Mar UTC+1 

Mar-Oct UTC+2


National Day: 

Calling code: 



Working hours: 

Employment rate: 

Life expectancy: 

Biggest cities and their population:


6 June


The Church of Sweden is Evangelical Lutheran, but there are also many other religions and faiths in the country

Ten years of compulsory schooling, but most students continue to the three-year upper secondary school. Around one-third go on to higher education at universities and colleges throughout Sweden

Standard work week is 40 hours, minimum paid holiday allowance is 5 weeks (25 working days)

(20–64 years): Men: 71.8% ; women: 66.0% ; total: 69.0%

Men 81.21 years , women 84.82 years

Stockholm:  984,748
Göteborg:     596,841
Malmö:          357,377

Parental leave

Parental leave

A company must be aware of the following areas regarding parental leave:

  1. Relevant laws and policies: Understand the applicable laws and policies in the country or region of operation, including minimum requirements, rights, and anti-discrimination protections.

  2. Company policy: Establish a comprehensive policy outlining expectations, duration, rights, and obligations for employees taking parental leave. It should be inclusive of mothers, fathers, and other guardians.

  3. Communication: Provide clear and regular updates to employees about parental leave, including policies, application procedures, compensation, and other relevant matters.

  4. Flexibility: Offer flexible options for employees returning from parental leave, such as part-time or remote work, and flexible scheduling.

  5. Costs: Be aware of the costs related to parental leave, including employee pay, administration expenses, and costs of hiring temporary workers or substitutes.

By addressing these areas, companies can effectively manage parental leave and foster a positive work environment for both employees and the organization.


Understanding holiday entitlements and conditions is essential for a company as it affects labor relations and personnel policy. The following factors should be considered:

  1. Vacation rights: The company should know the relevant legislation, collective agreements, or employment contracts governing vacation rights in their country.

  2. Holiday pay: The company should be aware of their obligation to pay holiday pay and the amount required.

  3. Vacation times: The company should establish a clear policy on when employees can take vacation and the duration allowed.

  4. Planning: The company should have a vacation planning process to ensure sufficient staff coverage while others are on leave.

  5. Communication: The company should clearly communicate the holiday terms to avoid misunderstandings or disputes.

  6. Having a comprehensive understanding of these factors can enhance the work environment, promote employee satisfaction, increase productivity, and decrease turnover.

Summer vacation


Moderate Zlatan

In Sweden, there is an unwritten code of conduct that is difficult to translate directly. The word "lagom" is often used, which can mean "just enough," "in moderation," or "appropriate," among other synonyms. When applied to societal behavior, it implies fitting in without excessive displays of emotion.

We also call it “Jante lagen” and it's similar to the concept in Japan called "tall poppy syndrome," which discourages individuals from standing out too much and promotes group harmony.

Tap water

Tap water in Sweden is considered to be among the cleanest and safest in the world, according to the Swedish National Food Agency.

Swedes are encouraged to use tap water instead of bottled water, as it is better for the environment and helps to reduce plastic waste by avoiding the purchase of bottled water.

Chlorine is not typically added to Swedish tap water, as the water is naturally clean and free from harmful bacteria.

Tap water

Slow July

Ribban Malmoe

July is the vacation month.

In Sweden, full-time employees are entitled to a minimum of 25 days of paid holiday each year, and a significant portion of these are usually taken in July, which is statistically the warmest month of the year.


As a result, service is generally slower during this time, and many small businesses choose to shut down for the entire month.

Being on time

Music export

Music export price max Martin

Sweden second best in the world at songwriting.

Sweden is the world's second-best country in terms of songwriting, according to a measure of net music exports, with only the United States ranking higher.

Sweden's export ratio of 4.5 puts it ahead of the United Kingdom, which has an export ratio of 2.2, and it is one of only three countries in the world that are net exporters of music.

Being on time

Being on time

Being on time in Sweden, it is widely recognized that punctuality is highly valued and should be respected at all times, whether you are attending a job interview or meeting a friend for a casual coffee.

Meetings typically begin promptly, even if you are not yet present, and trains depart on schedule, regardless of whether you are on board. Swedes place a high emphasis on being on time.

Titles don't matter

Swedish culture

Swedes are informal with names

In Sweden, it is customary for people to use first names when addressing each other, regardless of job titles. Even doctors, university professors, and economic advisors will use first names in conversation and expect others to do the same.
However, there are some exceptions to this practice, such as in a courtroom or when meeting a political minister or member of the Swedish royal family.

Famous Swedes

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